- Hammer drilling in concrete and masonry with carbide-tipped TE-Y drill bits, 12-40 mm diameter

- Hammer drilling in concrete and masonry with breach bits, 40-80 mm diameter

- Hammer drilling in concrete and masonry with percussion core bits, 45-150mm diameter

- Chiseling using pointed, flat, wide-flat, hollow, channel, round and mortar chisels and bushing tools
Voltage 110 or 230 V
Warranty 2 Years Full Service
Power input 1300 W
Bit Selection TE-Y / TE-YX (SDS Max)
Hammering Speed Under Load 100% 2770 blows/minute
Hammering Speed Under Load 50% 1965 blows/minute
Weight 7.9 kg
Length 510 mm
Width 115 mm
Height 288 mm
Optimum Drilling Range-Concrete 20 - 40 mm
Drilling Modes Rotary hammer and chiseling
Bit Dia Range-Carbide Tipped 12 - 45 mm
Single impact energy 100% joules 8.35 J
Single impact energy 50% joules 4.35 J
Reversing Switch No
Service Indicator Light Yes
Variable Speed Switch Yes
Technical Features ATC (Active Torque Control) operates in addition to the mechanical slip clutch: Sensors detect jamming of the drill bit, the control unit will disengage the magnetic clutch immediately and shut off the motor
Number of Gears 1
Package Quantity 1
Ground Rod Adapter Available Yes
Double Insulated Yes
Depth Gauge No
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